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Melamine Fantasy Round Tray 7 – Grey with a touch of ORANGE

Melamine Fantasy Round Tray 7 – Grey with a touch of ORANGE

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Melamine FANTASY ROUND TRAY 7_ORANGE. Size 370mm x 370mm Round – No.23.

Available in 10 beautiful different colour combinations.

Mix&Match your fantasy design” with any shape/size TRAY, POT STAND, SERVING BOARD, BREAD BOARD, CHOPPING BOARD. Visit Kitchen Category.

Add a place setting with CAPDECO Cutlery, IMPORTED from FRANCE. Mother Of Pearl Handle & Dishwasher Safe. Lifetime Guarantee. Cutlery available in 12 colour choices to match any table setting.

Cutlery place settings include : Knife/Steak Knife, Fork, Spoon, Teaspoon, Butter Knife, Salad Server, Bread Knife, Large Serving Rice Spoon.

R450.00 per place setting consisting of a Knife/Steak Knife, Fork & or Spoon.

R150.00 per item consisting either a Knife/Steak knife, Fork & or Spoon.

R450.00 Salad Server. R380.00 Large Rice Serving Spoon. R300.00 Bread Knife. R120.00 Teaspoon & Butter Knife.

Bespoke designs by Artzcafe, designed with a uniqueness & made with love & fantasy.