Shabbos Box Items

Shabbos Box Items

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6 x Items that fit into the Silver Mirrored Personalised Shabbos Box by Shelley.

250mm x 250mm in dimension.

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Items are available in Silver to match the Shabbos Box and can be purchased separately or collectively.

All items fit comfortably into the Shabbos Box.

1. Extra Long Imported Match Box with Shabbos Prayer engraved onto the lid in Mirror. Engraved in Hebrew and English version R140.00 each

2. Wassin Towel embezzled with jewels design R150.00 each.

3. Shabbos Prayer R350.00.

4. Mirrored Chamsa with 6 x coloured Shot Wine Glasses included R350.00.

5. Personalised Birkat Ha'mazon. Grace after Meals R110.00 each.

6. Hand Embroidered Challah Cover R800.00.

7. Shabbos Box R650.00. Personalised Family Name inserted into the lid in Mirror.